In this developing era, every natural resource like water, trees, electricity are exploited to the fullest...
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World Green Line sees every person as their supporting hand for making this world beautiful, green and free...
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Our Team

We need your help and support not only donation, if you with us for any activity or work for better to society and nature...
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About World Green Line

World Green Line is a Non – Governmental Organisation founded by Mr. Priti Ranjan Dash in the year 2014. supporting ecology, working for cleaning water resources, mass plantations and spreading awareness about the future if we keep ignoring our environment and exploit our essential resources like water, trees. World Green Line also running campaign for Plastic free society and start a war against plastic.

What we do

Oxygen Bank

Everyone in this world is working day and night to earn money and depositing that money in bank.

Fresh Water

Another most important and valuable gift from Mother Nature to us i.e. Fresh Water.

War Against Plastic

Plastic is our most dangerous enemy of the time. It not only destroying our present but spoiling our future too.

War Against Pollution

Expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.

Waste Paper Management

We at World Green Line Organisation are doing every possible step to keep our environment clean.


We are also trying to generate livelihood through our processes, so that we can employ or give unemployed persons...

Our Team Members

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We have come to the world to enjoy the precious gift of god. We consume everything created by others. It continues till theend of our breath. We become the good consumer for free. One day we depart. People only our surrounding knows us and remember us with our work for some days. After our death when we are cremated or buried our title is some "dead body"
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