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Plant for Yourself

The word self is the prefix and we are free to add either "less" or "ish" after it. If we add "ish" the word becomes selfish which means a mean person who thinks of his own means only. It is dangerous because it costs so much that sometimes it becomes impossible to pay. We can think of the nature which gives us oxygen(life gas)for the free but we are so selfish that knowingly or unknowingly we destroy the it and ultimately we have pay a big cost for the same oxygen at hospital. If we don't pay, life is the cost. Hence let's add "less" to self and be selfless (come and workfor the nature).

Allow World Green Line to plant for you and see yourself in growing plants, live forever and stay immortal.

Your Loved One

The word love is one of the most sacred in the universe. This is the word which connectsanordinary human to God. It is a beautiful feeling. When such a feeling flashes up on our mind,we become pious. Tree is as pious as the word love.It teaches us the lesson of love by sacrificing it's everything (i.e. fruit, flower, and shadow….etc.).

Come plant through World Green Line and make your loved iconic.

Your Spouse

If we call it better half, wouldbe appropriate. This word means someone is always along us through all the thick and thin. The whole life may pass in neglecting or avoiding each other because of family responsibilities but in closing part (climax) of the life passes by supporting and missing those beautiful missed minuetsthat they could have made more beautiful and could have captured in their heart &soul. Similarly the trees always stand by us and become the symbol of our loving movements. Let's not let the life regret or complain.

Allow World Green Line to plant for you to witness beautiful missed movements of your togetherness.

Your Newborn

The state of life a couple is blessed with a newborn. It isincredible feeling. Nothing can be the substitute. A newborn is one who compiles the meaning of life.It makes us feel to be the human. It gives right direction to our feeling and emotion. It's the most precious even more than our life. Dot we have the heart that can tolerate/bear any single humanto it. It's a "NO". Hence for our newborn, (so that they can breathe in pure and hygiene environment and can thank us for making that environment pleasant for them).

Come plant with us (World Green Line) today.

Your Parents

Parents the creator. No parents, no creations. Myths say that parents are the way to the haven. We know we can't pay back even a penny of their kindness to us. People who lose their parents feel all alone and find nothing that that can match. After our parentspass we make a plaque. Friends! Anything for parents.Allow us (World Green Line) to plant a living plaque of your parents.

Your Success

Success brings happiness, celebration, etc. No matter how big or small the success is! Everyone wants to make his/her success unmemorable and in that want he tries a number of anti environmental acts such as parties, fireworks, drinks, music, etc. can we compensate the harm of nature. No!We even don't think of. Alright! It's fine now to make bit compensation.

Come plant with us (World Green Line). Wash out your anti environment acts and make your success living in the formof tree. By the way,it will witness your success.

Gift A Plant

Gift has always been a special thing. We always think that our gift will be the best and most adorable to the receiver. It may be true also. But, no one remembers any gift longer, because, something else takes place of that. Why a gift is always replaced, do we know because people believe in change and renewing? Now an object that wegift can never change or renew itself, consequently it's replaced.

A tree is living gift and always renews itself. New little and tenders leaves, new buds, beautiful flowers, young and huge branches, shadow in the summer that relaxes the passersby and many more about it.

What say! Oh! Come on. Allow us open a gift for you in the form of a tree and present it to who you want. Hello! Believe it, this gift will never be replace come plant & gift a plant through us (World Green Line).